Monday, February 25, 2008


No, I didn't just stub my toe or hit my thumb with a hammer. Dubrovnik is the name of a city in Croatia, and I'm going there Wednesday to help staff two back-to-back retreats for 150 American missionary women serving all over the world! This is a photograph of where we'll be.

Isn't that gorgeous?

In John 13, during the last supper with His disciples, Jesus surprised them all by kneeling in front of them and washing their feet. He explained that true leadership involves humbling oneself and serving others. He also provided a very basic physical need--cool, refreshing water for their hot, dusty feet.

Missionaries spend a lot of their time serving others, both physically and spiritually. These retreats provide an opportunity for them to come away for a few days to rest and be on the receiving end of ministry. They will be spiritually refreshed as they hear Bible teaching and sing worship songs (both in English--a welcome change if they're still trying to learn a new language). They'll also have daily opportunities to share and pray together in small groups, encouraging each other not to lose heart as they battle loneliness or culture shock or disappointment in ministry--all struggles common in cross-cultural missions.

Staff members will provide physical refreshment in the form of pedicures, manicures, massages, make-overs, hair cuts, or even image consulting. Hopefully every missionary will go back to her work renewed in spirit, mind, heart, and body.

My main jobs will be leading worship and taking pictures, and I LOVE to do both. I'll also co-lead a small group and spend a lot of time just hanging out with these amazing women. I may teach some line dancing, too. Can you think of a more delightful way to spend the first two weeks of March?

Please pray for safe travel for everyone attending, for God to meet with us in our times of worship, and for friendships to form that will continue to grow after the retreats are over.

Thanks for praying!

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