Thursday, April 03, 2008


Our church gave a bridal shower for our new youth director this past Sunday. Somebody called and asked me to help. Here's the truth. I was afraid they were going to ask me to DECORATE. I'm not good at that. I don't have creativity with decorating. I'm NOT a centerpiece woman.

You should have seen how gorgeous the place was. The table had a chocolate fountain with lights around it. The lady (Jan) who decorated used real bamboo from her back yard to go behind the fountain. She had clear vases (three)arranged in front of the fountain. She filled the vases with aqua tissue paper and clear pebbles so it looked like water. Then she put marshmallows and Rice Krispie treats on long skewers inside the two outer vases. The inside vase she filled with strawberries on skewers (looked like red roses). It was so pretty, I almost cried.

The lady who makes incredible punch brought her punch. The woman who makes designer cakes made a cake in the bride's theme colors, brown and blue. Of course the lady who does pretty invitations handled those.

They wanted me to say a little something about marriage--like bless their marriage. I used The Message and taught from Eph 3 and 4. I shared that we've almost been married 30 years and I'd never gotten on my knees and prayed for my husband. I've prayed on my knees for my children plenty of times--but never for my husband. How odd. I said, "Wonder what our marriage could have been like if I'd done this over the years?" (We have a good marriage, but you know...) I shared that it comes easier for me to keep up with my husband's negative traits than his positive ones. But, his positives outshine his negatives. He's fair, honest, bold, generous, plus he teaches the Bible to Middle School boys.

We've all been given gifts. When we use them freely, God brings around amazing results.

Anybody have an example of using your gift(s)? Just please don't ever ask me to come up with a pretty centerpiece. :-0

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