Thursday, April 17, 2008


As a writer, inspiration comes easily. Daily. Writing and publication can take years.

When I feel an idea coming on, it's as though I've eaten an entire bag of Hershey's Kisses. This sweetness settles down inside me and takes up residence. I can't rest until I've written the experience--what moved my heart.

There's a women's homeless shelter in Georgia that gave me the Hershey's Kiss feeling. I couldn't/can't forget about the shelter and the ladies. They reached out to one of my family members. You don't forget kindness like that.

I ghosted an article in Guideposts magazine coming out this May. It's about a local hairdresser who spent a Saturday cutting/styling/coloring the ladies' hair from the shelter. You can access it by going to the link through the personal change section or picking up the May issue.

I also have an article coming in May/June of Today's Christian about the manager who runs the shelter.

My Sister's Place, I won't forget you. The sweetness lingers.


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