Saturday, May 03, 2008

heart soul mind strength

Mark 12:30 gives us a major guide to life. We're to "love the Lord with all our heart and soul and mind and strength." Then the Bible says that "no other commandments are greater than these."

Yesterday I was lifting weights at the Y. This is a Christian work-out place with scripture plastered all of the place, so you wouldn't think I'd lose my focus. But I did. My heart wasn't in it. I got tired in a hurry, rested too long between sets, and started slacking off. All I could think about was checking exercise off my list, getting some lunch and going shopping.

Then I noticed all the effort from those around me--drenched shirts, grunting, and total concentration.

I wonder. What if life is a lot like working out? What if I started praying more--no matter what I'm doing--even when I'm at the Y? I bet my strength and endurance would increase and my heart would be turned toward God.

Has anybody tried to pray while going about routine things, like working out, studying, shopping or cleaning?

What if we were to daily honor God with our:
physical abilities?


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