Monday, June 16, 2008


Tomorrow the last in The Dragon Keeper Chronicles hits the bookshelves in stores across the nation.
The first time I received a shipment of books I had written with my name on the cover, I took the box back to my mother's bed, had her scoot over, and opened them there by her knees. I gave her one, grabbed an armload of more, and sat in the rocker next to her bed. I rocked back and forth with tears in my eyes.
Sometimes we have to wait for the delivery of something special.
DragonLight is special.
People will ask and author which book is their favorite. That's like saying which of your children is your favorite. Each book represents a time period in my life, something God was teaching me, and an inner concept that was pulled out of my heart as He directed my writing. Each book is special.
One of the odd things is that now I am deep in the story of the next book. This new tale is the focus of my creativity and each day I endeavor to deliver 2000 words into the computer file. That's a different type of delivery than the one that signifies completion. But without the faithfulness of bit by bit progression, there would be no finish.
I love a good book, especially one that makes me think and feel and grow. I appreciate all those authors who are out their making deliveries, the small daily ones, and that final one shipped off to the publisher, so that they can have their turn getting ready for the release date delivery.

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Deb said...

Congrats! You didn't procrastinate. :-) Way to go!