Monday, November 03, 2008

Election Day Tomorrow

Simple post. Quick point.

I feel sorta special. I voted early and have been bragging to my husband. I went last week and only had to wait ten minutes. He plans to get off early tomorrow and vote rather than going early in the morning. I wonder how bad the lines will be?

I just saw a news statistic that said if McCain is elected 23% of the people will be very upset. If Obama is elected, 22% will be very upset.

I know that trying to understand what each candidate stands for is important. I know voting is too. Caring about our country is vital. But the bottom line is, no matter the election results--God holds the future. I can rest in that thought.



Donita K. Paul said...

That is so true, Julie. I've listened to the hoopla and seen much that grieves our Heavenly Father's heart. But He's not surprised. How wonderful to know that God is still for us.

Julie Garmon said...

Amen. God's not surprised. No matter what.