Monday, February 23, 2009

A new mag for girls!

I'm sure some of you are well-aware of the demise of Brio. Well, put away your tissues. Brio's former editor is starting a brand new magazine for teen girls! Here's the nitty-gritty:

Nationally renowned speaker and author Susie Shellenberger is launching Susie, a new publication for teen girls. 

As the creator of acclaimed teen girl publication Brio, Shellenberger served as the magazine’s editor for 19 years before publisher Focus on the Family discontinued its teen ministry and ceased publication last month. She quickly made the decision to publish her own magazine after receiving countless letters and emails of support from Brio fans who also suggested the new publication be named after its editor. 

Susie will debut its premier print issue this May and Shellenberger is determined to make it more appealing and relevant than current and past magazines ministering to Christian teen girls. With a main focus to help readers grow spiritually, the publication will additionally cover girl-significant topics including fashion, modesty, family, self-injury, eating disorders, relationships and more. 

“I have had the incredible opportunity to help motivate and shape an entire generation of girls and I’m now even more excited about ministering to girls on a new level through Susie magazine,” says Shellenberger.” 

Check out subscription info at Susie's website


Julie Garmon said...

Great to know! I've written for Sweet 16 which is now Justine.


lynnrush said...

Great! I'm so glad! There needs to be more opportunities for young girls to read uplifting things!

Lizana Trestant said...

I'm a teen, and I'm so glad that the editor of Brio is coming back, and in her own mag! :D Why didn't they mention it in the last issue of Brio?