Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Pre-Valentine's Day Thoughts

I'm wondering how everybody feels about Valentine's Day. Remember back in elementary school what the big day meant? I did this and so did my children. We decorated Valentine boxes, really cute ones, and came home from school with 25 or so Valentines--some with candy attached. Those miniature boxes of Nerds were my children's favorites. I can remember dumping all my Valentines out, and studying each one. I'd probably sit there for an hour or so. I analyzed them. Was there a special meaning? Were the messages chosen just for me from the sender? Did this mean he really likes me???? Was I really the teacher's favorite?

And those Valentine conversation candies?

Do You Love Me?
You Send Me.
Be Mine.

Even today, I wouldn't dare eat one without reading the message.

Moving onto the dating years--high school--boyfriends and Valentine's Day. It can be a not-so-great day. What about when your boyfriend breaks up right before? Or some years it seems everybody has a special somebody.

Looking ahead, how can we plan for a special Valentine's Day REGARDLESS of our situation? How can we bless somebody on February 14th even if our world isn't going so hot? Think, think, think. How can we get the message of love to those around us? To our friends? To someone having a rough time?

Love means, "I'm thinking about you. I care. You matter. I see you."

Any ideas? Love doesn't have to be expensive. Sometimes, the simpler, the better.



Kristy said...

I remember one year for Valentine's Day, some friends of ours (who were engaged at the time) decided to cook a big dinner for themselves and all of their close friends. I thought it was really nice of them to include me and other people in on a holiday that should have been just for the two of them.

Julie Garmon said...

Kristy, that's exactly what I'm talking about.

Love it!

Anonymous said...

Nice, Kristy. That's a great story. In my small group we've talked about doing "coupons" for gifts. Like, "One hour of free labor." or "Two hours of free babysitting." Things like that.

I've gotten them from my sweet hubby before. It's so awesome! Such a blessing **smile**

Julie Garmon said...

Hey, y'all are really getting my idea! The act of service as a gift of love.

Hmmmm. I gotta start thinking of some way to honor others.

Lizana Trestant said...

You're good at conveying the meaning to your messages! I worried a lot this Valentines' Day about if this one person was going to do anything or not... and now I realize that I didn't have to. LOL! I feel a little silly now.