Saturday, March 21, 2009

Knowing the One In Charge

When I was in college my laptop was my lifeline. Like seriously--if I didn't have my laptop, I couldn't write my papers. I couldn't research for classes. I couldn't type out my Spanish homework. I couldn't do my web design homework. And I couldn't IM my boyfriend, which was of the utmost importance. The freakishly cold computer labs on campus just didn't cut it for all the things I had to accomplish.

Which is why it was so absolutely awful when my laptop developed some sort of wacky virus as a result of the school's wireless network. Within minutes it shut itself down and ceased to restart, no matter how many times I jabbed the power button.

I took it to the Res Techs on campus and begged them to see if they could fix it. I had a huge test on Tuesday and my study guide was on it. I also had a partially written paper due the next day. And I had, of course, not backed up anything anywhere. These were desperate times.

They told me there wasn't a whole lot they could do, but they took it anyways. They had it for what felt like an eternity. I called every hour just to ask about their progress. I walked over just to see it, hoping it would magically heal itself. I had this nervous, sick feeling in my stomach all the time because I just didn't know if I was ever going to get my computer back again. I just didn't trust those Res Techs. I didn't know them. Why should I trust them? I would try to find someone, anyone, who knew more about computers than the Res Techs. I didn't trust the people who had my laptop in their hands...thus, I worried. A lot.

That was a couple years ago. Now I have a new laptop. A few weeks ago...I dropped it. While I was watching a DVD. For some reason this is a very bad thing. The next day it wouldn't even start up. I was sad. But I took it and handed it off to my fiance. He's a computer technician. And when I handed it to him, I didn't worry even a tiny little bit. Cause I know him and I trust him. If there's a broken computer out there, he can fix it. I trusted the one in I didn't have to worry.

Crazy how that works, huh? When you trust the One in don't have to worry. So what are you worried about? Don't you trust the One who holds the entire universe in His hands? :-)

(PS: In case you're last computer didn't make it. Apparently dropping it is bad for it. But I was able to get a really great deal on a new one...on the recommendation of a really great fiance.)

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Julie Garmon said...

Loved your analogy.

My daughter had her laptop outside with her last weekend--siting on her patio. Her kitten go out and escaped. She threw the computer to the ground to chase her kitty (which she found). For a few hours, the computer acted sick but then must have been healed. ;-)

So glad your fiance can handle laptop emergencies.