Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Whole Facebook Thing

I've been on Myspace for a while. I decided to join Facebook. I'm doing this mostly to connect with the teens I teach and work with at church. Communication doesn't happen the way it did when I was a teen, sorta sad to say. Many teens(not all) are either on FB or MS.

Note*(I understand the safety concerns. I had them too but am discovering privacy settings. If you're a parent feeling cautious, I've been there.)

I started stumbling my way through it. As soon as I posted my usual self picture, my twenty-something daughter called. "Mom, don't use the curly hair picture. Use the straight hair one." So this involves going back through the intricate system, often cropping a new picture, removing the old one, and praying you did it right. Believe it or not, for some of us, this is HARD.

But I did it!

The other twenty-something daughter emailed from work within seconds. "Everybody posts family pictures--you don't have any up." I asked how how to add photos. "You'll figure it out. Gotta go."

When I started working through the pic posting system, my seventeen-year-old son, sitting in the room with me, remembered he had to do his homework. "It's not hard, Mom. You can do it. Just keep playing around with it."

Well, guess what people? I FIGURED IT OUT ALL BY MYSELF. And I feel pretty smart.

What I'm afraid of now--is posting this blog and having my face come up the size of a planet.

But I learned something. Sometimes it's okay to go ahead and try things that seem impossible. Silly as it sounds, FB seemed impossible for me to do alone.

Does anybody have anything you want to do, but it seems too hard?

P.S. My next thing to learn is how to take great pictures. Maybe I need a new camera? Photography lessons?


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