Monday, April 06, 2009

Nothing in General

Ever get so busy doing nothing that at the end of the day you realize you haven't really done anything of substance? For's a look at my day yesterday:

7:30 AM: Woke up. Looked at alarm clock. Decided that visiting a church by myself just wasn't going to fly this Sunday. Especially when there was a blizzard outside. Fell back asleep.

9:30 AM: Woke up again. Peeked out window. Decided I didn't feel like getting out of bed yet. Went back to sleep.

11:00 AM: Woke up again. Looked at alarm clock. Realized I'd just slept away most of the day. Felt guilty enough to get up and shower.

12:00 PM: Convinced future husband to pick me up in blizzard conditions so I could be lazy at his house, thus effectively ignoring giant pile o' clothes which need to be washed in closet floor.

12:30 PM: Arrive at future husband's house. Immediately commandeer remote control and commence watching everything he has on his DVR.

2:00 PM: Shoot guilty glances at my laptop (named Wallace) because I really should be doing wedding planning homework. Then ignore feeling because there's another episode of "The Dog Whisperer" on the DVR and Argonaut's biting problem is far more interesting than choosing napkins at this moment.

6:00 PM: Four hours of "The Dog Whisperer" later and I'm still not a good pack leader. Hmm.

7:00 PM: Go to future husband's family's house while he does his taxes. Lounge around on floor, play with future sis-in-law's puppy. Watch cake competition on the Food Network.

9:00 PM: Go back to future husband's house to retrieve Wallace. Meander back to my apartment.

9:45 PM: Decide now is a good time for a bubble bath.

10:45 PM: Check on my fish. One of them looks like he had a run-in with a wood chipper. I think he had a bad day with the filter. Uh oh.

10:50 PM: I have to find my dad's birthday card. Like now.

11:30 PM: Sleepy again. Even though I only got up 12 hours earlier. Must. Go. To. Bed.

And there you have it. My day of being really busy doing absolutely nothing. I think that's one of Satan's greatest stumbling blocks in my life. I get so busy doing...well, nothing...that I not only end up not doing the things I'm really supposed to get done, but I find myself too busy to do things like...pray. What would happen if I gave up...oh, half an hour of "The Dog Whisperer" to do something as simple as praying? Hmm. We'll see. I'll try to do better with this in the next couple of weeks.

Do you ever find yourself really busy with nothing? Or do you have a habit you've found particularly hard to break? Leave a comment or email me and let me know! :-)

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emily said...

I love your blog! I have a blog as's called Girls 4 God.

There is one thing I definitely find myself doing all the time -- going to the internet, just like your post down the bottom of when you always go on facebook. My parents won't let me have a facebook acount, Lol =)