Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Design on a Dime?

Ever since I got married, I've become a fan of HGTV. I can watch that channel all day long. I love the shows that focus on people buying houses and the "drama" that goes into that. I love the demolition shows and then dreaming about what we could do to our house (not so sure my husband likes me watching that one).

I'm not a huge fan of Design on a Dime or Designed to Sell though. I always wonder if the people who buy the house after the shows get little worried when they see the episode and realize their kitchen is held together with primer and Elmer's glue.

Instead of going for the higher-end materials, the shows tend to use paint, cheap wood and hot glue and hope it stays together. Instead of taking the time to do a job correctly, the designers give themselves two days to rush through the job. Instead of allowing the budget to fluctuate, the designers stick themselves to a budget too tight to budge.

I think as Christian girls, we can do this same thing. When we find a flaw with ourselves - whether it be a tendency to lie, cheat, be over-dramatic or not respect those God has put in authority over us - instead of taking the time to pray through it, work through it and memorize verses to help us, we can slap spiritual "primer" over it and hope it works.

In 1 Peter, we're called "living stones...being built into a spiritual house". Even when we feel like scratched and chipped old rocks, God doesn't treat us like a poor investment. He doesn't slather a coat of paint on there and hope no one notices the gaps. Instead, He smooths us. He sands us. He puts us through the process of purification so we might become more and more like Christ.

Next time we're faced with a sin within ourselves, let's invest the time, prayer and energy into it. Let's not feel the need to "fix" ourselves, but let's pray that God will take us apart and put us back together - without the problem. Let's not avoid the issue or ignore the sin by slapping a Happy Face sticker on there, but let's "run the race" by letting the Holy Spirit cleanse our hearts from the inside out.

The finished product will be well worth the effort. :)

Have a wonderful week!

Erynn :)

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