Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Planning, Schmanning

Okay, I'll confess it:

I'm maybe not the best at planning events. Actually, strike that, I'm awful at planning anything! If it involves anything to do with a calendar, with a specific time, with a planner, I'm miserably untalented at remembering, noticing, or carrying out anything to completion.

I've tried the planner method. I went to the store and found the cutest planner I could find (If I was going to use a planner, it was not going to be boring and black). Then I carried it around with me for two whole days. I found it - two years later - in the bottom of my junk drawer.

I've tried the sticky note method. I put bright pink and green sticky notes over everything with dates, times, etc. But, inevitably, I set something down on top of it and there goes my reminder.

My friends have finally figured this out. I have one friend that I try to meet for lunch periodically and she's very good at calling me the morning of our date, "Hey, are you coming today?" Which, of course, my sticky notes and refrigerator whiteboard and calendar posting would have reminded me had I bothered to look at them. The only thing that has really helped is my cell phone alarm. Awesome invention!

The ironic thing is I'm very good at planning the Big Picture things. When I was sixteen, I knew exactly what was going to happen and it was going to go like this:

* Graduate
* Work for a high-paying cosmetologist
* Marry a guy I'd known my whole life
* Have kids about a year or two later - two boys, two girls

So far, here's what has really happened:

* Graduate
* Found out I loved writing
* Married a man I met one year before we got married
* Deciding being married is way too much fun without kids right now!

Do you guys do this? Jon (my husband) and I are going through a study on Proverbs together and the thing that keeps popping out at us are variations of this verse that are all through Proverbs: "Many plans are in a man's heart, but the counsel of the LORD will stand." (That's Proverbs 19:21)

Maybe we should be horrible planners. Maybe we should become more forgetful with our calendars and less preoccupied when we come to the Word of God. When scheduling your day-to-day stuff, don't forget to consult with the One planning your steps.

Oh, and use those cell phone alarms. Whoever created them? Genius.

Hope you are having a fantastic week!


Erynn :)

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