Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Checklist

Around this time of year I tend to start evaluating what I've done and what I would like to do with the rest of the year. Especially because this is when my half birthday hits and I love to look back at the last year of my life and really feel like I could check some things off my list. So just for fun, I thought I'd share my list of things I have done and list of things I want to do with you!

This year I have:

  • Changed jobs! That was a scary moment for me, but it's turning out to be a huge blessing.

  • gone apartment shopping.

  • taken HUGE steps towards getting over one of my biggest fears in life.

  • made my veil for my wedding.

  • decided to sponsor a second little girl with Compassion Internation (her name is Kidist and she lives in Ethiopia!)

  • tried...and return my library books on time. Oops! (And my mom is a librarian! Ha!)

  • been a bridesmaid in my future sis-in-law's wedding.

This year I will try to:

  • keep up with my Spanish! It was my minor in college, but I've forgotten a lot of it in the past couple of years. It's my goal to be fluent.

  • write thank you notes to my friends as quickly as I can.

  • go on vacation! I haven't had a vacation since the summer of my sophomore year in college. I'm looking forward to one this summer!

  • get more organized by finding a desk with drawers for files. For some reason, I've only been able to find desks without drawers! Well, on my budget anyways...

  • look into taking more classes so I can get a second degree. Maybe this time in graphic design or psychology. (My first was in Creative Writing.)

  • read more books! And turn them back into the library on time, for real...

  • finish my new Beth Moore Bible study!

  • paint some pictures for the extra room in what will be our apartment after I get married.

  • pick up horseback riding again.

We're almost half-way through the year and I still have a ton of stuff I want to do! What have you done this year? What do you WANT to do this year? Let me know!



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Kristy said...

I want to learn to drive this year. And I would really like to take a photography class or an art class...something that I can have to look forward to and to be able to enjoy.