Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dreadful Deadlines

In high school and then in college, I wrote all my research papers, term papers, book reports, everything the night before they were due. I did research work, collected thoughts, notes, etc. beforehand, but I put the first sheet of paper in the typewriter around 8 o'clock the night before. The teachers awarded my rampant procrastination with high marks. Shame on them! See I am trying not to declare ownership of my problem. But alas, I do have a problem. Is there a PP meeting I can join? Surely someone has a twelve-step program for Persistent Procrastinators. Hello, my name is Donita K. Paul and I am a procrastinator. Why am I seeking help? Well, it is something to do instead of write. So I end up in WUP. Wupland is where you Write Under Pressure. You wup yourself for being such a wussy writer. Schedule? Organize? Plan? What? Do you think I'm OCD or something? At least I've avoided that set of problems. See? Another instance of not owning my problems. Okay, I think I've made my point. Now I am going to go write. Right after lunch.

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