Friday, July 31, 2009

God Cares About The Details

Over the past 6 weeks as I have been planning my wedding, I have been overwhelmed by how much God cares about my wedding. Right down to the color of the flowers, He cares about every detail!

I have been dreaming about an outdoor wedding for a long time. I decided I wanted to try to rent a very quaint, but beautiful park in the center of historic downtown Fredericksburg. The park has brick walkways, lamp posts, and a fountain. As I starting the process of booking the park, the dream quickly became a nightmare of permits and policies.

Just when I was beginning to feel discouraged, Gods favor seemed to be all over me as I spoke with the Parks & Rec. office; it now looks like things are really working out. GOD also provided the insurance we needed for the park for $200 less than we thought we were going to have to pay!

I know God cares about fashion! Not only was I able to find my dress in one day, but at an amazing price. Did you know that God was the first fashion designer? Just look at Genesis 3:21

“And the Lord God made clothing from animal skins for Adam and his wife.”

I wonder what Stacy and Clinton would have thought about those leather and suede outfits!!


Yvonne Todd said...

I love when God just shows up and blesses us with those little reminders that He LOVES us sooo much and, as you pointed out, cares about even the smallest details.
We take His attention to detail for granted because we are surrounded by it everyday. Thank you for the reminder that He truly is in the details.
May your wedding day surpass the expectations you and your future husband have, and may the FATHER of the Bride be present and interacting with everyone present.

Julie Garmon said...

So excited for you. Love hearing about your wedding plans. My daughter had an outdoor wedding. Everything turned out sooooo beautifully. I was a little bit nervous--a lot nervous--about it.