Monday, July 13, 2009


So, I definitely was going to post on here yesterday.

And totally spaced it. :(

ARUGH! Does anyone else have this problem? I am so forgetful! I forget directions, ingredients, wallets, keys, phones, leashes, receipts, my entire purse, everything on a very regular basis.

I have become the Queen of Excuses.

"I was busy." "I wasn't paying attention." "I was on vacation." "I was too busy scratching the nineteen mosquito bites I got at a wedding this weekend." (Seriously. Nineteen. Horrendous amounts of scratching is going on here)

It is most definitely a problem, my forgetfulness. I end up late for things because I forgot something and had to go back to get it. I let down friends. I don't accomplish something I committed to do.

Sometimes for me, forgetfulness goes beyond wallets, keys and blogs, though.

It ends up reaching to God.

And it's not a good thing. I will be doing great on my devotional time with God. I'll be working on "praying continuously" like Paul says, and genuinely trying to let my faith in Christ guide my everyday decisions.

And then I have a busy weekend. And I forget the One who created the beautiful weather for the Saturday picnic. I have something to do every weeknight. And I forget that my friends are gifts from God and that He deserves the thanks for them.

Do you struggle with this too?

Let's do our best to not be like the guy James describes in the Bible, who looks in a mirror and notices his reflection and then immediately forgets it. He used this analogy to show knowing the truth versus living the truth.

I want to know who Christ is and I want Him to be glorified in how I live. So I'm going to start praying for a good memory and the ability to pay attention.

Who's with me?

--Erynn :)


stephanie said...

hi erynn. i read your post and felt that God wanted me to tell you to "let go and let God". Stop trying to do everything yourself and don't do things because you 'have to', but because you 'want to'.

Anonymous said...
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