Monday, August 03, 2009

Crazy Laughter

Has anybody ever been in one of those really awkward moments and had laughter save you?

Yesterday, I went to visit a close family member in prison. It shouldn't have been funny. It really shouldn't. I admit I was a tad nervous going back to see him. The previous visits hadn't been the best.

But yesterday was different.

He started laughing. We laughed about the dumbest things. Old times. The snack he picked. Writing it now--it doesn't sound all that funny--a Dr. Pepper and a bag of trail mix, but yesterday we laughed until tears rolled.

Sometimes I'm too serious. I love people who can find humor in anything. Are you like that? Or more like me?

Maybe laughter breaks the tension. Maybe it's the beginning of gratitude and forgiveness. I don't know, but I'm telling you--if you're in a tight spot and can find ANYTHING funny, go ahead and laugh.


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