Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Carpet

My husband and I bought a house last November that had tile floor throughout. It was beautiful tile, but it was cold! Every morning I would dread getting out of bed because my feet would touch that freezing cold rock. It was hard to keep clean too - we live in a dusty state and all of the dirt from outside somehow always ended up on my floors. So, I would vacuum, sweep and mop and twenty minutes later, the tile would be all grimy again.

It would look clean, but it wasn't. I know there are people who love tile out there, but my husband and I are definitely carpet people.

I hated it.

So, we decided to carpet the house. These last three days there have been workmen in and out of my house installing our carpet. It's so pretty! It's a neutral color with lots of different colored flecks in it - can you see dirt? I don't think so! (By the way, this isn't my carpet in the picture above - I just liked this girl's socks!)

I am, though, learning about the joy of having new carpet. Meaning that it sheds. Badly. We've vacuumed and there is still little carpet pieces laying all over.

It reminded me a lot of myself.

Before Christ, I was a lot like the tile floor. Seemingly a good person. I looked clean. But, I really was dusty and dirty. After Christ, I am now like my new carpet floor. Brand spanking new - I don't even resemble my previous self. Except, I'm still shedding the old me. There are still pieces I'm learning to let go of, still fuzzies that God is helping me slough off.

I hope that this weekend we can all let go one just one more little piece of us that we've been struggling to hold on to. Maybe you're a worrier like me (and yes, that passage about God caring for even the sparrows gets me every time!).

Have a wonderful last week of September!

Erynn :)

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