Friday, October 23, 2009

Trying New Things

Do you like trying new things? I love trying new things- as long as I’m good at first attempt! It has taken me awhile to realize that it is possible to enjoy the process of mastering a new skill; the key for me is to not expect perfection and get so frustrated that I want immediately to give up.

My latest new endeavor is Tennis. I recently got married, 4 weeksago in fact, and my husband Brian is very good at Tennis. I have heard that to build a good marriage it is important to find things that you can enjoy doing together as a couple. We are both athletic, but unfortunately he is good at all the sports that I stink at, or have never played in my life- Tennis being one of them. I decided that I should give it a go, after all it’s a sport that you can play your whole life, and anyway how hard can it be to hit a little ball over a small net?

Boy was I wrong!! Hitting the ball didn’t seem to be the issue…I think I would have hit it all the way to China if there was no fence, it was getting the ball to go where I wanted, or better yet, just on the court would have been nice. I even tried grunting like they do on TV, it didn’t help me hit any better but it makes your opponent laugh which can work in your favor! :)

I really felt like giving up after that first, and even second and third time, but I am determined to conquer this new challenge. My goal is to take lessons and practice so that one day I can beat my husband!!

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