Sunday, December 06, 2009

A Day Late but Better for it . . . Hopefully

I woke up in a panic a little after midnight, realizing that was supposed to blog on Saturday but completely forgot. I’d mentally reminded myself and everything. Still, it slipped my mind. I similar thing happened last month, but that time I got caught up in other things that needed to get done and kept putting the blogging off until . . . you guessed it . . . I flaked.

This morning I realized the problem behind my recent failures to post on this blog. I’ve become unorganized. At first I thought I was too busy. Then I thought of all the people I know who do just as much or more but still manage to faithfully fulfill their commitments. I thought I’d come up with a system after a writer’s conference that I attended in the spring, then again when the school year started. But I guess I let my system slip. So tomorrow it’s back to being organized. Here are some things that plan to implement (make that re-implement). Perhaps you will benefit from one or two of them:
• Go to bed earlier – I’m always more refreshed and ready to go in the morning when I do this. It’s also much easier to follow through on the next item on my list, which is . . .
• Get up earlier – Face it, when have a ever benefitted from ignoring the alarm clock then racing around like a crazy woman only to get a late start on everything?
• Make a to-do list the night before and look ahead to what needs to be done throughout the week
• Start the day with prayer and time in God’s Word
• Stick to the items on the list before adding other things
• Stay focused
• And finally, treat everything like an appointment, including posting on blogs.

So yes, I’m a day late for my post. But I grew in the process.


Emii said...

Hey Jeanette,
Thanks soo much for the tips, I'm very un-organized myself! :P


Andrea B. said...

What a great post. It's so easy to not have enough time to do the most important things. Thank you for making it important in your day to encourage all of us.

Andrea B