Sunday, February 07, 2010

Super Bowl madness

I suppose all across the country people are getting ready for football madness today. My husband is organizing a neighborhood potluck down at the community center, and he's been prepping for days. Having been an event planner once, I know how many details there are to pin down, and how hard it sometimes is to get people to step up and help.

But you know what? The phone started ringing last night with people offering to lend a hand. This morning the pickups began to roll in as friends rallied around to help. Phone in one ear, I'm holding the fort here at the house, directing people down to the center.

Friends. Don't you love 'em? The guy who offers to cut up the onions for the chili. The writer friend who says, "Let's do a writing day at my house." The girl who shyly offers to help you with your science project when you need a partner. We find real friends in the most unexpected places. And sometimes it makes us realizes just what we have to offer someone else in return. And let's not forget the best Friend of all, who surrounds us and helps us the minute we reach out our hand.

Where have you found an unexpected friend in the woodwork of your life?

Good to think about. Meantime, gotta go grate cheese for the chili-dogs!

Love, Shelley


Music chica said...

hey Shelley,
I just stared reading your books last month.... I love them!I'm a bookworm so I get most of the books I read at the library, and I can't wait for them to get the next two books.Your a great writer!Please keep writing.

Emii said...

I love your books:D I read the first novel in the "all about us" series, and now I'm up to #2. They rokk:D