Saturday, April 17, 2010

It's all about Relationship

Our son Thomas is a high school senior. Here's a picture of him last week on spring break. We went fishing in Florida. I almost didn't go on the boat with Thomas and his dad Saturday night. Part of me wanted to stay home and read, my favorite thing to do. I'm not much of a fisherwoman.

We climbed on the little boat and Thomas fixed up my rod and reel. Actually, he let me borrow one of his. I don't own fishing gear. While his dad drove the boat, Thomas showed me how to cast. He explained what to do if I caught a fish(I didn't). He had to untangle me a few times when I got my line hung in the weeds.

But I'm telling you the truth--I had the best time!

Here's the thing--when you care about someone, you want to make the relationship stronger. Sometimes you have to learn about the things they love. Tonight I'm going to a car show with my husband. :-0

Really, so much in life comes down to relationships with the people we love.

Can anybody relate?



Makay said...

Definently I am having to let my guy-friend pick waht we do more often. he has already set up a date with me for May 21st. haha. far away, but it shows he cares. And by me going it shows I care too.



Vicky said...

Hi Julie!

I have found especially with my boys that I have to step into their world and go golfing or fishing or what have you to engage with them. I do enjoy the time with them, regardless the activity, and they really seem to appreciate me being with them.

Such a handsome son! Thanks for the reminder that TIME is important.

Julie Garmon said...

Exactly,Makay. Hope you have a great time on your date!!

Julie Garmon said...

Hey Vicky, it's so different (at least in my family) with boys and girls. With girls, you can just sit and talk over a Coke. Not with helps to be doing something active.

Thanks for the comment. :-)