Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's Officially Summer

My test of when summer has officially arrived?
The perfect watermelon.


So now that we've found our first perfectly ripe watermelon, I can sit back and welcome the summer.
Welcome summer!

How do you spend your summer? We like hanging out at the pool mostly, and two of my kids compete on a summer swim league so we'll add some swim meets to that mix.

Are you going to camp?
Are you doing any sports?
Got a vacation planned?

Share what summer is like where you are!


Anonymous said...

I'm in Albuquerque, where it's been sunny and beautiful since May. I'm working in the back yard, writing, while I listen to the birds singing in the trees. Ah, bliss!

Our summer plans: Hiking in the Grand Canyon for the second time this year (and camping IN the canyon for 4 days if we can obtain the permit.).

Lyn Cote said...

WATERMELON IS MY FAVORITE FOOD! On june 29th Drop by my blog http://strongwomenbravestories.blogspot.com to read my short story
Watermelon Cowboy.

Makay said...

mmmmmm... I am with you... Watermelon is delicious, and you practically have me drooling on my keyboard. ;D I have laid out my summer plans on my blog (www.sofarsogreat1.blogspot.com), but I am going on vacation this friday. :D YAY! haha. Oh, and I am having Jaw surgery. :P not yay... haha

love, Makay

Firenza said...

I'm a college student so I'm staying on campus and working. I'm looking forward to the lack of homework, peace and quiet to read for fun, time to cook and see friends, and read my Bible. I believe life is what we make of it; I'm looking forward to having a great summer! I especially love all the green God decorates the earth with during this season!

Sarah Anne Sumpolec said...

Katie that sounds amazing!
And Makay - i wish I was going on vacation this Friday! But I'll have to be content with hanging around here:-)

And Firenza - what a great attitude!