Saturday, June 05, 2010


On Tuesday my son Nathan’s baseball team plays for the championship. They remain undefeated and have a good chance at winning. I couldn’t help thinking today, what it takes to be undefeated, in baseball and in our spiritual lives. Both require . . .

Being a good sport when you lose AND when you win
Remembering what you need to focus on (the ball, the next base, whether a pitch is good)
Learning from mistakes and moving on
Good defense

Today, as the Reno Little League A’s added to their undefeated streak I was feeling rather defeated in one area of life. I guess it’s time to look at how I got to this place. Am I focusing on the wrong things? Is there an area of my spiritual walk where I could us more practice? Maybe I need to work on defense against the one who wants to bring me down. I’m sure God will make it clear. I’ll be sure to give you a praise report when He does. Until then I’m thankful for the creative way that He spoke to my heart today.

So are you feeling defeated? Ask God to show you which of these areas of sportsmanship might get you back in the game.

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ypastorswives said...

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