Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Doing what you can

The crows attacked at dawn.

A pair of scrub jays had two chicks in their nest, and the crows ... well, they did what their instincts have told them to do for generations. I couldn't save one of the chicks, even after running down the street chasing the crow who had it, but when I ran back, I was able to get the second one away from his attacker before he'd got too far.

Baby Bird, brave little thing, couldn't do anything but open his beak and hiss at me, but he did it with all his might! With a parliament of crows still on the hunt, I took him inside and let him recover. Then I got on the net and researched how to feed a jay chick. The answer was dry dog food soaked in water, every hour. So even though we had plans for a 4th of July barbecue, Baby Bird and his dog food went with us, much to the amusement of our hosts. Good thing I had a bird carrier.

BB had a comfortable night and the next day hung out with me in my office. He had given me his trust within a couple of hours, so was happy to hop about on my desk, warming his feet on my MacBook, and exploring the forests of pens and pencils. He even sat on my shoulder, taking test flights to the back of the chair.

Then, outside, I saw mom and dad scrub jay still searching in despair for their offspring. I took BB out and put him on the ground in their sight, and you would not believe the rejoicing over him who was lost! Anyone who tells you that birds don't feel emotion is just ... well, unobservant. BB couldn't fly up in the trees, so I reached up and put him in an old nest where mama bird proceeded to feed him, just like any human mother whose boy has come home from the wars. By midday mama had moved him to another tree (don't ask me how) but was willing to let me see her feeding him, so I knew where he was.

I love happy endings, and all three of those birds were totally happy. It wasn't much--I took a crow's breakfast away and gave it 24 hours of safety. Sometimes we can't do much to help someone or something. But sometimes we can, no matter how small it may seem at the time. And you know what? It could change someone's life.


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