Sunday, October 03, 2010

Jenny B Jones--I Love your Writing!

I attended the American Christian Fiction Conference in September and got to chat with one of my favorite authors, Jenny B. Jones. She's the kind of person who can handle unexpected situations with humor. She's fun to be around because she doesn't take herself so seriously. She's discovered the secret of laughing at herself, which puts everybody around her at ease.

Jenny has the uncanny ability to laugh through weird, unpredictable, crazy things. I attended one of her classes on "Writing with Humor" and her laptop presentation somehow malfunctioned. She never missed a beat. She had the class laughing in one of those awkward-type moments.

I've decided something--if you can laugh, you can get through just about anything.

Go here to read the first chapters of her novels.

I'm predicting you'll love her and her writing as much as I do.




Sierra said...

I love her Katie Parker books!

Julie Garmon said...

Me too!!!

Jenny B. Jones said...

Thank you so much for the sweet shoutout, Julie. It made me feel MUCH better about that crazy class. : ) and it was great to see you at the conference. Next time we'll have to talk longer!

Julie Garmon said...

You're so welcome, Jenny. That "crazy class" was amazing!! Thanks for being you. :-)