Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What we get talked into.

Yeah, it sounded like fun and easy to do, but it is never easy to ask friends for money. I'm sure hoping people donate, not only because I feel like an idiot getting myself into this predicament. But also, because it is a good cause. They have made tremendous headway in the fight against muscular dystrophy. One of my landlords when I was very young had a son afflicted with this malady. I am so glad that kids today have a better chance of survival and a better quality of life. This organization has been around for years and 75% of what they raise goes straight to the patients.
So I'm going to jail on Thursday.

DON’T LEAVE ME IN THERE! Let's hang the vacant sign.

I’m going behind bars for good THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 18TH and I need to raise $1,500 to send children to MDA Summer Camp in Empire, CO. Their smiles are worth my time in the slammer!

This is my final plea to get bailed out of jail at Biaggi’s. You can help me reach my bail by visiting my webpage (click the link below) where you can make an easy, secure contribution online.


Thank you so much for your support. Let’s hope I look good in stripes!

Towards a cure,

Donita K. Paul

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Cherry said...

That's really cool what your doing or should i say done:)