Friday, March 04, 2011

Awkward Introduction

So this is the awkward part of the party where I reach out to shake your hand and realize… I forgot to put on my deodorant.

Introductions have never really been my thing. I prefer later – after I’ve learned your name, listened to you sing, and found out you’re a lousy dancer.

Unfortunately, I know if I never shake your hand I’ll never get to know you. As someone wise once said, “Vulnerability begets vulnerability”.

So here I am, reaching out, telling you…

• My name is B.J. I used to be very happy and very single. I lived by the motto, “My husband died at birth”. Then I met him and realized he was anything but a corpse. Now I am very happy and very married.
• I write a lot about waiting for the right guy. My agent is currently shopping a book I’m super-psyched about, called The Bare Naked Truth About Waiting. Now I’m the one doing the waiting… for the right publisher.
• In the meantime I’m excited about hanging out here (thanks for including me, ladies!) and on my site,
• I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts, your ideas, your dreams – you know – the later part of the party where you realize… you are wearing deodorant.

In the meantime, tell me a little about yourself.

Let’s get this awkward stage out of the way!

See you on the 4th and 18th of each month.


Sierra said...

Nice to meet you BJ!
Looking forward to hearing from you :)

Sarah Anne Sumpolec said...

Welcome BJ!!!

Julie Garmon said...

Nice to meet you, BJ.

Ms. Blasé said...

Hey, BJ!!

You and your husband are so photogenic, it's scary :)

And let me know when that book comes out 'cause I'm in my thirties and still waiting.


Emii said...

Hey! Cool as name. Before I moved a few years back, my friends and I decided to add a "J" to the first letter of our name. We were BJ, AJ and EmJ. Haha :)

Well, I can't wait until your book is published because I will be excited to read it, because I need something new to read. :D
Cute as picture!


Essa said...

Is That picture you and your husband? It's adorable! I enjoy your writing!

The Charm House said...

Julie, I love this blog! I am sending it to my daughter. She leads a Bible study for the Lady Gators at Gatewood Highschool. So awesome! I found it from Lindsay Edwards blog.

Katrinka said...

Hey! I've been waiting for you to post something on here 'cause I saw your name on the side. I'm soooooo excited to be reading more posts from you!!!!