Tuesday, July 05, 2011

"It Was the Best Day of My Life!"

I’m just getting settled after a two-week visit with my parents that included a trip to Disneyland. My youngest son and I, my youngest sister Kristy, her two boys, and my niece Haley all joined Mom and Dad in their eight-passenger van and drove down to Anaheim to celebrate Mom’s birthday at the Magic Kingdom. What better place to turn . . . the age mom was turning . . . than the place that transforms us all into children?

The best part of the trip was watching Kristy’s kids experience Disneyland for the very first time. At almost nine, Kai saw the trip as a dream come true. Five-year-old Devon was literally mesmerized! He applauded his way through the Small World ride, waved at every character he passed, and couldn’t take his eyes off the sky during the fireworks. We had a two-day pass and at the end of both of those days, we had to hold back laughter as we exited the park and watched Devon fighting to keep his big blue eyes open but still smiling, not wanting the experience to end.

On the drive home we all thanked Mom and Dad for the wonderful vacation.

“It was the best day of my life,” Devon shouted from the back seat.

Kristy and I looked at each other and chuckled. A week before that, he’d declared his preschool graduation the best day of his life.

I couldn’t help wondering if something else might take Disneyland “best day” spot by the end of summer. Or maybe graduation and Disneyland will remain in a close tie for months or years to come. Either way, he has pictures, a few small toys, and a mind full of memories to commemorate both best days of his life.

If you had to pick a best day, or even a few that you’d have a hard time choose between, what would they be? What made them wonderful? What do you have to commemorate them? How do these “best day of my life” days keep you uplifted on not so great days?

Thank God today, for those special days that He has used to bring you joy and provide you with precious memories!

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