Friday, August 19, 2011

Back to Reality

It seems like last week that I posted a story and picture from our beginning-of-summer trip to Disneyland, and now I’m getting ready to head home after a final get-away before school starts up again. As usual, the summer flew by.

This has been a strange summer for us, with some major life changes to deal with. While in some ways, it’ll be good for us to get back into the routine that school and our usual activities require we don’t feel ready to face that level of reality yet. So much of our summer got sucked away with errands and appointments and phone calls that still don’t seem real. Still, God was gracious enough to sandwich all that between two refreshing trips with family. He wove in plenty of fun activities for my youngest son to enjoy while I dealt with life. For that I am extremely thankful. I can send Nathan off to Day 1 of fourth grade knowing that, no matter what our circumstances look like, God was good to us this summer.

How has He shown His goodness to you this summer? As you see the new school year looming ahead, what are you most excited about? What are you dreading? How has summer refreshed you for the reality of fall?


DianaluvrofGod said...

I'm starting my freshman fall semester in college. I have already been there for 6 weeks doing summer semester, but, fall brings many more students, challenges, and great expectations. I pray that this school year God will use me to boldly share my faith with others, and show others what living in Christ looks like :). I am also looking forward to stepping out on faith and taking some risks towards my dreams.

Jeanette Hanscome said...

I pray that God will use you in incredible ways this year! Thanks so much for sharing.