Saturday, September 10, 2011

You Are What You Eat? Oops

As a young woman still trying to figure out this adventure named "Motherhood" (does anyone EVER figure it out?) one of my constant concerns is what my child is eating.

Is she getting enough nutrition? Is she tiny because of metabolism and genes, or because of lack of nutrition? Is she eating too much sugar? If she refuses to eat any vegetable besides green beans, will she grow up to be obese?? If she eats one more candy corn, will she actually explode?? Can a child live on hot dogs and mac-n-cheese alone????

She eats like a 13 year old boy, despite being a 3 year old girl. She constantly has a snack and juice or water at hand. And she eats it! Yet she remains 25th percentile for height and weight. My Little Miss :) I know she's proportionate and healthy and balanced but I still worry and think. (it's what moms do best)

And she does get her sweet tooth honestly...

Thinking about her diet today (which pretty much consists of chicken nuggets, pizza, burgers, hot dogs, mac n cheese, green beans, fruit, goldfish crackers, ice cream, cheezits, Saltines, gummies, Lucky Charms and string cheese) made me remember the phrase "You are what you eat".

This week, I'm apparently a candy-corn-flavored-white-chocolate mocha-with-a-side-of McDonalds.


It's important to take care of our bodies and our health, and make good food/drink choices (unlike what I did this week), but you know what's even more important? Spiritual health. Spiritual food.

Are you getting enough nutrition from the Word of God? Are you filling your mind and heart daily with heaping portions of mercy, forgiveness, and love? Or are you starving for guidance and peace and grace?

It's okay to eat pizza and chocolate (some days, you just gotta!) but if that's all we ever ate, we'd be fat and miserable and unhealthy and inactive and unmotivated.

The concept is the same - we should eat healthy every day (and read the Word every day as Christians) If we miss a day, will it kill us? No. But how much better do you feel when you exercise and eat right? Why NOT make the right choice when it's so easy and obviously good for you?

Today, when you eat breakfast, or lunch, or have a snack after school, or cook dinner for your family, think about whether or not you got any spiritual nutrition today. If not, make time for it. Put on a praise CD while you cook. Read a chapter in Psalms before you start your homework. Lock yourself in your room and pray for a few minutes before you pick up a fiction novel to relax. There are plenty of ways to grab healthy bites through out your day if you try!

And, umm...if you have any more candy corn, could you pass it this way?


Pure in Heart said...

This post was really good. I enjoyed your topic very much, and what you said was so true. Often I can become very obese in a spirtiual way. I have to remember to eat right! I also have a blog: Check it out if you get the chance.
-Pure in Heart

Emii said...

Oh, what great advice. I'm going to do my best and remember it today.