Thursday, December 01, 2011

the calm between

I have been a bit MIA lately because I've been directing a youth musical - and well, it's been quite draining - mentally and physically. We opened last weekend with four great shows - well, three - because opening night? Well, that's a whole blog post in itself! Tomorrow we go back for four more shows this weekend and since I won't be directing the next musical, I get to

b r e a t h e


But today? Today is my middle daughter's 11th birthday!!!! So today I will bake a cake and wait in earnest hope that fedEx shows up with her gift. (please, please, please!) We'll take her out to dinner and have a quiet celebration. She'll have a sleepover with a few friends next weekend perhaps. She's always been my child who likes smaller, quieter celebrations.

I love seeing the uniqueness God created in each of my girls, and to me - that's what birthdays are all about. Celebrating the arrival of a beloved child of God, completely unique and utterly loved. That's you today too - whether it's your birthday or not.

You are loved by God.
You are wonderfully unique (and that's a good thing!)
You are worth celebrating.


Sarah Anne Sumpolec

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Trinka said...

Aww, sorry I didn't see this earlier!!! Could you tell your daughter Happy 11th Birthday, from me?
I hope that she will learn more about the Lord and grow closer to him through this year :)