Sunday, March 25, 2012

God's Crazy About Us - Even When We Drive Him Crazy ;)

I've grown up in church my entire life, and I can honestly say the moments that have provided me with the most clarity and clearest revelation of God have been taught through my toddler. She can out-preach the best sermon, hands down - and not even try.

The other day, we were driving home and she was arguing with me from the back seat. We'd had a long day, were tired, she was borderline cranky and I was already past the dividing line myself, and she decided to try to convince me she knew more about Facebook than I did.

She's three.

See, she has this old iPhone my mom gave her, that isn't connected anymore, just has games and can take pictures. It's my mom's old phone, and Little Miss uses it when we're in the car or waiting at a restaurant to entertain herself. Well she decided she wanted to put the picture she just took on facebook. (guess she's heard that a few times!)

I was trying to explain "Your phone isn't connected, baby. You don't have service. Facebook is on the internet. That phone can't do that."

She argued. "No, this is facebook right here" and she tries to show me a game on her phone that is obviously not facebook. She kept getting worked up and persistent. "I know this! It's right here!"

I sort of forgot I was the adult for a minute, and we continued to argue. I didn't want her to be deceived, and think she was doing something she wasn't - but I should have just dropped it. I forget sometimes that she's only 3, because she talks like she's 11 1/2. At one point, I actually said "Mama knows more than you, baby! Trust me!"

And it hit me. How many times do we try to convince God we know better than Him? How many times do we plead and prod and poke and said "But God, "this" is for my good. "That" is what is best for me. I know this!"

When all the time, He's in Heaven, clearly understanding how things work a WHOLE lot better than we do. Our limited perspective and understanding is like a toddler compared to an adult's - and then take that times about a zillion. God sees the whole picture, while we flounder away and point to our disconnected cell phones and try to convince Him we know what we're talking about.

What a waste of time!

During that conversation with my kid, I just wanted her to say "Okay Mama, you're right." Or "I know you know more, Mama. I trust you." Or even just - "I know this isn't really Facebook, I just want to pretend okay?" And while my hopes were based mostly on pure frustration over my toddler being too big for her britches...

(and good grief you guys sometimes she IS right - the other night during a cartoon, I said "look, a blow fish!" and she said "mama that's a puffer fish". Oy. She totally had me)

...God's desire for us to trust Him is based on pure, untainted, perfect love. He's crazy about us, even when we drive Him crazy. (and thank goodness His patience supercedes mine as a parent, because I run out far too often. His is so much more longsuffering! Thank you God!)

God wants us to trust Him in that same way. He wants us to admit "You're right God. You know more about why my husband just got laid off his job than I do. I trust You to provide for us." He wants us to say "God, I don't understand why I am suffering this particular loss but I trust You know and will see me through." Or "God, I don't know why my friends are being mean to me at school, but I trust You'll give me the right words and help me do the right thing."

One of the hardest parts of being a Christian is not being able to always get to know why. That's part of the journey - we have to accept it. We can't fully understand God on this earth and you know what? We probably don't want to. Would you REALLY want to see the entire future up front? And besides that, what kind of God would we be serving if we understand His mind and thoughts and ways? He wouldn't be that big or that powerful of a God.

So trust today, friend. Put the fake cell phone down and quit arguing. He's right. He knows more. He understands how it all works. Stop driving God crazy.

And just focus on how crazy He is about you. :) Because THAT truth is where our trust can linger.


Kenzie said...

This is exactly what I needed tonight. I have spent way too much time asking God to do this and that for me because "I know its best for me." I know he knows best but I have a hard time letting go. Wonderful post. Thanks for the encouragement. :)

Ps. I am 13 and just discovered this blog. I have read way too many blogs and books for Christian teen girls that are about dating and friendships and school but not enough God from the heart. They were good and all but I (and many teens) need something more than that. After reading several of your posts, I think Ive found that inspiration I need. Thanks for giving me that extra boost of inspiration I needed today! God bless,

Betsy St. Amant said...

Kenzie, what great news! I'm so glad you found us and you feel that way :) God bless, friend!

Firenza said...

I love this! Thanks for blessing me today, Betsy!

emii. said...

i read this post the other day but, eek! i forgot to comment. i just want to say that it really helped me, so thankyou!