Thursday, April 12, 2012

Teens! Check out the Gideon!

The deadline is May 1st - so it's time to get a move on and apply!

What is the Gideon?

It's a Christian Media Arts Conference and Film festival held near Asheville, North Carolina August 11-16, 2012

Media Arts?

Filmmaking, Acting, Graphic novels, Comedy and Screenwriting!

Who's it for?

The conference is designed for adults that are working in the Media Arts and all of the classes are taught by professionals.

What about teens?

We have a special Intern program for Teens between 16-18 to come and take part in this spectacular conference. This allows teens to attend without bringing a parent/guardian (this makes it way cheaper!)

Would you make a great Gideon Clash Intern? Are you...

  • a teen who is actively working in and/or pursuing training in the media arts?

  • a teen who can interact well with a team and work in group settings?

  • a teen who can interact with professionals in a respectful way?

  • a teen who is eager to learn, eager to help and eager to take advantage of all that Gideon has to offer?

  • a teen who is responsible and organized enough to manage the pre-conference interactions as well as the conference requirements?

Why come?

Let's face it - getting real hands-on training in filmmaking and other media arts is hard to do! At the Gideon, Interns get to interact with Christian professionals who are actively working in the Media Arts. In 2011, our interns got to help shoot a music video and produce a short film! We are excited about what's in store for 2012! You won't find anything else like it!

What do we do?

Gideon Interns get to take full advantage of all the course offerings at the Gideon Conference (the Intern Directors help guide you through the week!) But Interns get special perks! Like getting to eat meals with the faculty, giving them a chance to ask a lot of questions and learn from these working professionals. Our interns help out in classes giving them a front row seat to all the action.

Got more questions? Feel free to contact me! My friend Vonda and I have been directing the Intern Program for four years!! And yes! I'll be there this August!

Check out our website to learn more and apply today!

Don't wait! The deadline is May 1st - but you can do it!

Know others who would be interested??? Please let them know!

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