Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Where is your scar?

In my recent novel release, HER FAMILY WISH, (available now through Amazon or other local booksellers in print or ebook) the theme of the story is scars - both internal and external. The hero has internal scars, the heroine has external that represent the internal. The story is a romance, that explores not only second chances at life and love, but a story that explores second chances with God.

Because we all have scars. Some run deeper than others. Abuse. Divorce. Loss. Abortion. Others are more surface level, but hurt just the same. Rejection from friends. A break up with a boyfriend. A failed test at school. Not winning in a beauty pageant. Not getting chosen for the football or chearleading team. Things that mark us and leave us not quite the same.

What is your scar today?

I have a real scar on my right thigh, from about two years ago when I had melanoma cut off my leg. Yep, full blown skin cancer. I thought the "freckle" I'd had for so long looked funny, a little different - so I went to a dermatologist. He did a biopsy (ow) and then sent it off to be tested. Called me himself two days later.


Thankfully, Praise God - it was surface level. He was able to go in, cut around that bad ol' freckle on all sides and under, and remove not only the offensive piece but any wayward cell that even had a chance of spreading.

It's a non-issue now, but the scar is there. And no amount of Mederma cream can totally take it away.

But there's an upside to scars that we often don't think about, because we stay caught in the drama of it. Scars can be reminders - helpful reminders. Reminders that we're weak, and need Jesus. Reminders that we aren't alone in this world, and need each other. Reminders that sin has consequences. Reminders that push us to strive forward, to do better, to be better, to grow and remember and live freely in Christ's love.

Reminders that I have no business EVER getting in a tanning bed again!

What is your scar today? Visible, or internal? Was it earned, or were you a victim?

Remember, friend, the One who bears the ultimate scars on His palms and in His side. Jesus Christ. He'll never leave you or forsake you. In a sense, He's our Mederma cream. He's smoothing out the hurt, tightening up the loose spots, bringing us back together and making us whole. No, we'll never be the same. He won't undo what's been done. But He is healing. And life.

And is able to take that which hurt us and turn it into something beautiful.

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Melly Wolfe said...

Thanks for the post! Really hit home. Have you heard the song that kinda matches this post? I wanna say it's called "Scars" and it's by Jonny Diaz. It totally, 100% fits the post you just wrote! Pretty amazing, actually.

Listen to it; it's a really good song. Thanks again for the really personal post!