Thursday, May 10, 2012

Living with Purpose - Accidentally

It's neat to see how our lives tie together, isn't it? How the threads of things we enjoyed when we were younger are woven into the tapestry of our later years.  :)

For me, it was reading and writing. I used to sit on the floor in my room surrounded by books and literally crying because I wasn't old enough to read yet!!

Now my daughter shares that same frustration at 3 years old. I wonder if she'll go on to be a multi-published author and freelance journalist one day like me...

Or will other threads in her life be woven brighter into her tapestry, such as the ballet class she graduated from tonight and performs her first recital next week?

Or the way she doctors her stuffed animals - will she be a vet?

Or the way she is mama to her baby dolls. Will she grow up to homeschool her 5 or 8 kids?

God knows. I don't, but He does. And He's working in her life to weave that picture right now.

He's doing the same for you my friend!

We all have a purpose, and sometimes, we find this purpose by "accident". Meaning we didn't realize the impact this particular hobby or thought or idea or dream would have in our lives - but God knew. There are no accidents or surprises with our Heavenly Father! EVERYTHING in our lives is with purpose and reason, even when we don't see it or understand it. At 4 years old I didn't know that me desperately wanting to read my baby Disney books would carry over into a life spent in love with words and novels and stories. Looking back, it's clear.

What threads are you weaving today to bring glory to your Father tomorrow? Next year? In 10 years?

What do you think will happen, where will you be? Please share! :)

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Anonymous said...

Hehe, this sounds like me when I was younger. Books, and ballet, and Barbie dolls. Great memories. :)