Saturday, May 19, 2012

Messed Up!

I found this on Facebook recently and saved it as my desktop display:
If you keep a journal, you can probably relate to the fear of having someone read it and find out how messed up you really are—what you honestly think and feel when you have the freedom to not hold back. I know I do! Today, seeing this kitten's face triggered a different thought: There is Someone who knows the contents of my journals and knows how messed up I am. He knows my thoughts before I scrawl them out in frustration upon the page. When I mask my feelings for others, I am not hiding a thing from Him. Unlike the idea of a family member or friend snooping a peek at my diary, the idea that God knows the contents of my heart brings deep comfort. He knows me to the core, yet what He sees does not keep Him from adoring me. Ponder that for a moment. Consider the mess your life would be without Christ. Thank Him for loving you no matter what the contents of your journal reveal.


~Heather said...

Love this! What a great reminder!

Transparent said...

I find it amazing that our good, perfect God knows everything about me, but loves me anyway.

Jessica said...

This is a fantastic reminder! I feel the exact same way. Knowing that God understands me and loves me for who I am brings comfort and peace.

Thank you for the beautiful and true blog, Jeanette!

emii. said...

okay i love that picture, i do so get it and i do so love cats. :D
and i get this post. so thankyou. and for the reminder. Jesus thankYou. thankYou. thankYou.

Anonymous said...

I am definitly horrified of my parents or friends or strangers reading my journal, but the thought of God knowing automatically knowing how I feel and what I think calms me. He loves me no matter what and will never leave me. Truthfully, my best friend is not a human, but God Himself.

enna violet ipswitch said...

I absoultely love that. I keep a prayer journal that I'll write in every night without fail. It's kind of fantastic to know that you can write anything, anything, anything in the world and it's okay cause He's got your back ;)

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