Sunday, June 24, 2012

Yep, I'm going there...

Fifty Shades of Gray - to read or not to read...

There's a lot of talk about this book, and a lot of that talk is being generated by teenagers who were big fans of the Twilight Saga.

If you haven't heard of this novel yet, I beg you - go about your business. You're missing nothing. But if you have heard and are considering reading this series, I beg you  - don't.

There's a lot I could say here, and a lot I won't, for the same reason other authors are struggling with - we don't want to bring any more awareness to the issue than there already is. Still, ignoring it doesn't make it go away, and as several authors have pointed out - the devil is having a blast with this one. So if you have an opinion about this novel (or any other controversy issue as a Christian) don't be afraid to speak up. Stand up for your beliefs. Be heard.

So here I am standing up! ;)

Don't read it.

Here's why.

1. Girls, if you're in a relationship (dating or married) and don't want your significant other looking at porn, then you shouldn't be reading Fifty Shades of Gray (or the entire trilogy). It's porn in book form (known officially as erotica) So that's not fair, and is just as wrong.

2. If you read this, you will be putting images in your mind as a reader that can't go away. As someone on Amazon said "You can't un-read this book." Very true. And you'll probably want to un-read it afterward.

3. This novel, once devoured, will leave you hungry for more like it. Just like pornography - it addicts. Some are arguing that if they're married or active with their significant other, the book will just spice up that area of their lives. NO. That is a lie from Satan. First of all, you know what the Bible says about keeping sex within marriage alone. And secondly, even if you're married, this is not the type of thing God annointed. This type of content will tear apart your marriage, not bring you closer together. Especially not in the long run. There are hundreds if not thousands of broken hearted women out there and stats that confirm this truth. Pornography (in any form - movie or book or whatever) will destroy. PERIOD.

Confession time - I read a page. I had heard the hype a while back, didn't understand it, was at B&N, and saw it on the endcap. I thought, "ok, I want to see what this is about." I had no idea. So I read the back cover, and thought "wow, how stupid. And wrong." I should have put it back on the shelf then and walked away. But just as there was hype about Stephanie Meyer's less than quality writing style with Twilight, there's been hype about this author's writing style. I wanted to see how badly it was written. So I flipped to a random page, and skim-read. It was a "scene".  (and yes the writing style isn't great. Believe me, don't look for yourself now) As I heard later there were "scenes" practically every other page, so I'm glad I didn't read further.

But I couldn't "un-read" that page and its still in my head. Trash. Garbage. Lies.

Please don't fall prey. If you've already read it and think it's not that big a deal, then fine. That's your opinion, and I'm not judging you. I'm simply stepping up for my convictions and trying to prevent innocence from being destroyed, especially in teenagers who are already forced to grow up way too fast. This is an adult book that even adults (Christian adults) don't need to be reading.

This series is NOT Twilight or the Hunger Games, guys. Skip it. Wait for the next fad. Or better yet, pick up some Christian Fiction YA like Judy Christie's "Wreath" or anything by Nicole O'Dell or Stephanie Morrill. Or my own "Addison Blakely, Confessions of a PK". There's quality reading out there, guys. Avoid this pothole! And spread the word.


Rachelle said...

God bless you for standing up, Betsy, and being willing to stand for truth. :)

Jessica said...

Thank you so much for writing this, Betsy. I didn't really know much about the book and I was considering reading it. This is a really good warning, and I'm going to tell others about it. We have to be so careful with what we read!

Tidbits of Torah said...

I stumbled upon your blog - The layout and font is great. God's blessings to you.

Anonymous said...

(I don't care if you post this -- but I have to say this) -- So happy you wrote this - I do hope women will heed your warning. There is so much hype about this book right now - it is literally everywhere. My stomach flips each time the topic comes up. You are the ONLY person I have seen express the truth -- This book glorifies what should repel us. We are drawn to this topic because it is forbidden, different, sexy. However, outside the book, in the real world there are many horrors committed in the name of B D S M. Satan does not meet us in the Hell - he slowly escorts us there -I consider this a beautifully packaged "innocent" gateway to what could become a living hell for women and MEN alike. Our human nature always longs for more -- if this was fun, let's try this, if you enjoyed that let's try this.....not only can you not "unread" this book - you can't "undo" things that may happen when one wonders into situations out of curiousity....

Rita Diamonds said...

I have read the whole trilogy and I will say it is very unrealistic. Not only is the depth of the content shallow only focussing on erotic scenes with no clear story line. Anastasia Steele is always overly surprised and overwhelmed when ever says Christian says he loves her, and is bent on believing every woman on earth is after her man. I think this book could mislead young girls in a tainted over exaggerated view on love and romance.