Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Plugging into the power...

In Sunday School the past few weeks in my adult class, we've been talking about the Holy Spirit and His purpose. What He does in us and for us, etc. It's been enlightening - sometimes, even though you grow up "knowing" something in the church, it's good to refresh and get new insight into the topic. You can never learn everything there is about God! :)

We've been discussing the truth that in order to access the Holy Spirit's power in our life, we have to be available to it. That means with our hearts and not just with our heads. The Holy Spirit IS power to us. He is what prompts us to conviction, what whispers to us when we're about to cross a line. He also guides us and helps us make the right decisions. He gives us peace.

It's an awesome, awesome gift. So why don't Christian's use it????

We're lazy.

Ouch, but true. To have that power source at our fingertips, we have to do our part. Pray regularly. Read our Bible. Those sound like "church" answers but they're true. If we never go to church and learn more about Christ, never fellowship with other believers, never spend real time in prayer and real time searching our Bibles for direction and hiding God's Word in our hearts...we are powerless as Christians. And there's nothing the devil likes more than that!

So maybe today, take an extra few minutes to read your devotional book. Comb through the Psalms. Or pick a book and just start reading. Acts is a fantastic book about the early church and what happened after Jesus' death and resurrection with the disciples. Romans is also chockful of amazing advice and breakdown of salvation. Hebrews is one of my favorite books in the Bible. Just pick one and start reading and ask the Holy Spirit to give you understanding and a stronger connection to Him.

And if nothing I said so far makes any sense at all, and you don't understand what the Holy Spirit is, or even how to have a relationship with Jesus, then please email me. betsystamant@yahoo.com I'd be happy to answer privately any questions you have or show you how to come to Christ :)

Have a blessed Tuesday!


Diana said...

Thanks for that word of encouragement and reminder betsy. I really appreciate it. Thank you for reminding us to not neglect the Holy Spirit, our source of power as Christians.

Jessica Zelli said...

I really liked reading this. It was a reminder that we have to search for God and pray regularly for the Holy Spirit to come into our daily lives. Thanks, Betsy!

Bare Naked w/ Bekah said...

I just now started reading deeper again. After Zoey came, there wasn't a lot of time to do actual word studies. It's refreshing getting back into it... can't wait to share some here! Thanks for the reminder :)

Lexi said...

Great words! I shared it on my blog too! visit it at http://mychristinct.weebly.com/

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the encouraging words

Curious Christian Chick said...

HAHA you hit it right on the head when you said we're lazy!! It's so true! Sometimes I find myself having to forcefully get up and read my bible or pray regularly... my main excuse "im tired" or "ill do it later"