Saturday, November 24, 2012

Post Thanksgiving advice :)

The Saturday after Thanksgiving - it's the time when most people are still in a turkey-induced mini-coma or attempting to button their pants after indulging in Grandma's pumpkin pie or Mom's homemade iced cookies. Maybe you're still lounging in your sweats absorbing football on TV or playing a game of it in the yard with family. Maybe your ears are ringing from all that time around your toddler cousins. Maybe you're traveling this weekend or coming back home from some Turkey-and-Dressing related fun.

Regardless of the details, at this point in the holiday season, we're typically fully in. Committed. Bring on the leftovers, bring on the Christmas decorations, and bring on the 25 Days Before Christmas movie countdown on ABC Family. Right!?! :)  TIS THE SEASON!!!

But let's take a small step back before we get totally caught up in the holiday madness. 

Thanksgiving is about more than just turkey and stuffing ourselves with yumminess and hanging out at Grandma's. All of that represents the deeper meaning of the holiday, after all - abundance. Gratitude. Family. Love. Faith. Those are lessons we shouldn't toss out with the leftovers but should contemplate year round. I hear others talk about how people in general seem to be a lot nicer during the holiday season (maybe not on Black Friday in the middle of Target's toy aisle) - but how sad is that? Why can't people have that "do good" attitude year round? 

So this holiday season, before you start checking off your Christmas list and hitting the clearance racks and dreaming of sugarplums, STOP. Don't let Thanksgiving slip away. Pause and really take a minute to let an attitude of gratitude sink in. Share Christ's love with others. Let them see Jesus in you. 

Even on the toy aisle. 

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