Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas monkey...

When you have a 4 year old, it's totally the perfect excuse to get to watch all the kiddo Christmas shows on TV with minimal teasing from your husband ;)

That said, I've watched Curious George's Very Monkey Christmas about three times this season. (and pretty sure we aren't done yet)

It's a cute show, with a seriously annoying jingle. "Christmas monkey, Christmas monkey, no one's sung about Christmas monkeys..."

The story line is about a girl (named Betsy, which is scarily ironic) who is trying to find a gift for her beloved Aunt Margaret. She is performing in the annual Christmas pageant and wanted to surprise her Aunt Margaret with a special Christmas song during the show, in her honor. Apparently, Auntie M loves Christmas music more than anything else. But Betsy soon realizes what King Solomon wrote about in Ecclesiastes loooong ago: There's nothing new under the sun. 

Desperate, knowing the show must go on, Betsy panics backstage and is sad at having missed the chance to give her aunt a special gift. But at the last minute, Curious George saves the day by reminding Betsy that no one has sung about Christmas monkeys. So she writes an impromptu song, sings it for the pageant, and the crowd (and Aunt M) are thrilled.

Gotta love a Happily Ever After ;)

But that got me thinking about gift giving at Christmas. And how we always put pressure on ourselves to give the best gift ever. Sometimes it's for attention or pats on the backs, and that's not right, but I think most of the time, we want to give the best gift because of our love for that person. Maybe your Mom or Dad or best friend has done something really nice for you lately or has been there for you in a rough time and you want to show that appreciation by giving them a rockin' present. But that's not always easy, as Betsy in the show discovered.

This year, instead of spending money you might not need to spend or might not have at all, think outside the box. Go all Christmas monkey on your list and think about things that haven't been done yet that could bring even greater joy than the latest hit from Best Buy or Target. A photo album of memories of you and that person. A scrapbook of mementos you've saved from special times together. A book of letters celebrating that person, from a group of all those who love them. A homemade gift card booklet filled with cute coupons for movie dates or coffee dates or shopping dates with the recepient.

What's your Christmas monkey this year? :)


Bekah said...

Great ideas!

Anonymous said...

I have always loved Curious George:) My Christmas monkey is, I made several copy's of a book (a compilation of my story's from 5th through 8th grade) I wrote for my grandparents and best friend! I compiled it on the computer and then cut paper to the right size, printed it on our little printer, my brother drill pressed them, I bound them with wire, glued on a cover and bingo! I'm going to autograph them with a special note too.

Betsy St. Amant said...

Oh that is such a great idea! Love your monkey!!!