Thursday, February 21, 2013

Words, words, words....

I am deliriously excited that people are reading my new book!! And while there are a good many reviews on Amazon and a variety of other places...I find I have to avoid them.


Because I will scan and skip over the good ones and land on the bad ones and fixate there until I can't write anymore. Sigh. I really do care what people think, but that's not always a positive thing. And isn't that true in life too?

A hundred people can tell you you're pretty and then that one idiot will call you ugly or fat and then suddenly that's the only comment you remember.

People need encouragement far more than they need criticism.

So try to encourage someone today with a kind word. You never know when it could make all the difference in their day. or life.

And watch this - it's pretty amazing.

Sarah Jeffrey
brand new YA: Me & My Invisible Guy

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