Thursday, April 18, 2013

How do you see...YOU?

I am my own worst enemy at times...most girls are. But I think we have enough enemies already.

We have a world that tells us our value depends on the size of our clothes
We have schools that tell us our grades and test scores measure who we are.
We have peers who tease and bully us about our looks.
We have an enemy who wants nothing more that to DESTROY us.

I am no stranger to bullying. I was the "new kid" 14 times by the time I reached the 8th grade. New kids struggle to find their place in each new world they live in.

In first grade, I was punched in the stomach at the bus stop. I don't remember why.

In third grade, neighborhood boys tormented me.

In fourth grade I was slapped across the face by the popular girl because she didn't like the way I walked.

In fifth grade, I was terrified of being beaten up in my neighborhood.

In sixth grade, I was teased for being a good student - a teacher's pet.

In every grade, I felt fat and ugly. My dad never let a day go by without making fun of me.

By 8th grade...I suppose I gave up.

By 8th grade, I hated myself as much as I thought everyone else did.

At some point, other people stop being the bullies and we bully ourselves instead.

I have been guilty of that. It has taken years of drinking in the Word of God to crawl out of that place of self-loathing and begin - just begin - to see myself as God sees me.





And you are all those things. too. You are precious, valuable, loved and beautiful. The only definition we should accept of ourselves is the one God uses. That's why we need to keep digging into His word. Finding Him and His truth.

And this - this is why I wrote today. I needed to see this - and I bet you do too.

Watch it - and let me know what you think.

With love,


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Dixie n Dottie said...

Very encouraging post! Thanks so much! :)