Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Three Perfect Gifts for Your Parents (a guide for teens)

Sometimes it’s easy to forget parents are human. They mess up and hope you don’t see. They act up and hope you’ll forgive them (even if they shrink back from asking forgiveness). They get tired and cranky, know it, and feel bad about it.

Here are three perfect gifts you can give them during this time.

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1. Understanding. If you see one of your parents messing up tell him/her that you’re not perfect either but you appreciate what they do, and how they try.
2. Grace. Wait until the difficult moment passes and later offer a hug. Tell your parent that it must be hard having his/her role.
3. An offering. When you see that your parent is tired offer to do a small chore, make a cup of tea or suggest you watch his/her favorite movie together. It’s amazing how those little things can brighten
someone’s day!

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