Monday, March 19, 2007

Jane Orcutt

A writer friend of mine died yesterday morning. Please pray for her husband, Bill, and two sons.

Her name is Jane Orcutt. She lost the earthly battle against Leukemia, but sashayed through the gates of Heaven as a princess child of God.
As a writer, I know that Jane would first want to be held close in her family's hearts with treasured memories and as a lasting influence on her young men/sons.

Second she would want her written work to keep touching lives. If you see one of her books, please pick it up and read. You will enjoy.Here is a list from Amazon:

1. All the Tea in China (Rollicking Regency, A) by Jane Orcutt (Paperback - Jun 1, 2007) Available for Pre-order
2. The Hidden Heart by Jane Orcutt (Paperback - Oct 20, 1998)
3. Dear Baby Girl (Thirsty(?)) by Jane Orcutt (Paperback - Feb 18, 2005) 4. The Living Stone by Jane Orcutt (Paperback - Sep 26, 2000)
5. Lullaby by Jane Orcutt (Hardcover - April 2002)
6. Tales from Grace Chapel Inn by Jane Orcutt (Hardcover)
7. Porch Swings and Picket Fences by Lisa T. Bergren, Barbara Jean Hicks, Suzy Pizzuti, and Jane Orcutt (Paperback - Jun 15, 1999)
8. Restoration and Romance by Shari Macdonald, Jane Orcutt, Barbara Jean Hicks, and Barbara Curtis (Paperback - Sep 18, 2001)
9. The Fugitive Heart (Heart's True Desire) by Jane Orcutt (Paperback - April 1, 1998)
10.Pipe Organ: Tales from Grace Chapel Inn by Jane Orcutt (Hardcover - 2005)
11.Something Old, Something New: Tales From Grace Chapel Inn by Jane Orcutt (Board book - Dec 8, 2005) - Large Print
12.The Pipe Organ (Tales from Grace Chapel Inn) by Jane Orcutt (Hardcover - 2005)

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Erin said...

I am sorry for your loss. :(