Monday, May 05, 2014

Small Enough

I heard the Nicole Nordeman’s song “Small Enough” about nine years ago when the worship director at church asked me to sing it for a Sunday Service. Having recently rebounded from the aftermath of my husband’s heart attack, I fell in love with the lyrics immediately: “Oh, great God, be small enough to hear me…”

A couple of year later, he asked me to sing it again, this time on Christmas Eve. By this time I was in the depth of a deep emotional struggle and learning to call on God in a whole new way. As I let the words flow from my heart, I felt like I finally grasped their meaning.

Then life unraveled and I really began to live the words. I needed our Great God like never before.

A few weeks ago I found the CD that includes “Small Enough.” I hadn’t listened to it since that Christmas Eve performance. As I let the song play, three years of “be small enough” memories played in my mind—crying out for comfort, intervention, provision, wisdom, direction, patience. And every time my Great God came close.

I felt a tug to share this song with you, knowing that, like me, you might need God to be big enough to do the impossible and small enough to come near while you wait. I consider the song a Thank You to my Heaven Father for His goodness and note of encouragement to those who might need a touch from Him.

Thank you, Great God, for being small enough to hear us!


Diana P said...

Thanks for sharing Mrs. Hanscome. I enjoy your posts :) Seems like you've been through some trying times in the past, but its so wonderful to see how faithful our God is.

Jeanette Hanscome said...

Thank you, Diana! God definitely has been faithful through some painful times. I have grown to thank Him for them, knowing that each one strengthened me a bit more and drew me closer to my Father.

Rebekah said...

That's an amazing post! I think that's such a good concept, that God is huge enough to do the impossible, but tiny enough to whisper in our ears!