Friday, June 17, 2005

Behind Door Number Two . . .

It's Friday, and I guess that means it's my turn to introduce myself. I'm Jeanne. I was born at a very early age, and since then I've lived and done stuff, and now I'm older. Pretty much everything else falls into the "done stuff" part of that sentence, but for anyone who might be interested, here's a few more details:

  • I'm married to a biologist. He studies worms. We all tease him, so you can, too.
  • I have three children between the ages of 20 and 24. They are artistic, musical, imaginative, and way cooler than me. I'm sure you will hear lots about them in the days ahead.
  • I write books not just for teens, but teens seem to like what I have to say. This may be due to my extemely high rating on the dork scale. (Please note that "dork" is not a negative term in my vocabulary.)
  • I'm also a musician. I play piano and guitar, and I sing. I lead a praise band at my church. The members of this band are super talented and way cooler than me. (Do you notice a trend here?)
  • I speak here, there, and yon. As an added bonus, I occasionally roll over and play dead, too.
  • I'm also a professional choreographer. I create and teach dances to performers in musical productions. Styles range from ballroom to swing to salsa to hip-hop to country line. I LOVE to dance. Party's at my house. 8:00.
  • I love to laugh. If you make me laugh, I will reward you with points. These points are very valuable. You should all strive to earn them, starting now.
  • Other things I like include: photography, thunder, accents, chocolate, and people who are way cooler than me.

I'm excited about the potential for this blog! If you're a teen and you love Jesus, you can help make something amazing happen here. Talk to us! Tell us what's on your mind. Invite your friends to tell us what's on their minds. Let's discuss what matters to you.

I'll be posting on Fridays, so be sure your dork-o-meter is in working order and come see me. Also, feel free to stop by my website where you can read about all my adventures and find links to my other blogs.

See you next week!

1 comment:

PortugueseChristian said...

Dork is not a negative term in my books either (:
Especially since the day I found a picture someone had made and it goes like this:
I am a DORK (Daughter Of the Risen King)