Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Ultimate Hook-Up

How ya' doin'? I'm writing from Boston, if you can't tell from my New England accent. Go Sox! But I'm not originally from these parts. I was born in India, where they do a few things differently. Take love, dating and marriage, for instance.

My parents had an arranged marriage; my grandparents set it up. That meant no infatuation, no dating, definitely no touching or lustful encounters, not even a chance to see each other face to face before exchanging flower garlands on their wedding day. And did it work? Well, since it's now lasted fifty years, I'd have to say yes. I remember lots of fights when I was growing up, but they made it through and now they're crazy about each other.

I have twenty-two first cousins; half of them are finding their own mates, American-style, and the other half are going down the arranged marriage road. And me? Well, I met my husband in a Bible Study at college, so I guess it was divinely arranged.

What about you? Is it scary to look into the future and think about trying to find the love of your life? How do you KNOW that person is the ONE? And when even Christians are getting divorced, does that make the thought of choosing someone even more stressful? What's it do to your heart when your parents split up? I'm sending a blessing to "youse guys" from Boston, and waiting to listen.


flyingsucker said...

just thought I would say hi. and that I think its very cool that all of you started this blog.


T. Suzanne Eller said...

We're glad you like it. I hope you come back! Suzie