Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Leaning hard...

Hey everyone!

I guess it's my turn today. My name is Sarah Anne Sumpolec but it's just Sarah that I go by. My friends used to tease me because I was so particular about the H being on my name that they called me "Sarah with an H". I've been writing for teens for a number of years now and have a fiction series for teens called Becoming Beka. The series has five books and writing each one was such a great experience. I've also had a couple of quizzes published in Brio - I love writing quizzes! In fact, I have several more written that I'd love to get on my website but I have, umm, well, a bit of a learning curve to figure out exactly how to make it all work. I'm not exactly tech-savvy (okay, I'm completely tech-challenged)

I am a classic first-born overacheiver - with everything, including my relationship with God. I guess that's why He so often puts me in situations where I have to lean very hard on Him because I just can't handle it on my own. I didn't meet God until college (thugh there were a few who tried really hard to introduce Him to me in high school). I often think high school would have been much easier if I had known Him then, but the truth is, being a teen can be hard either way, and not all adults seem to remember what it was like.

That's probably why most of us are here though, because we DO remember what it was like...the insecurities, the fears, the relationships, the parents, it just goes on and on doesn't it? Thing is, I'm still learning it all too. I'd be embarrassed to admit how much I still struggle with being insecure, or scared, or with relationships. You get my point.

So there's a glimpse of me - just another child on the road headed towards the Father, and leaning on His grace every day.

I'm looking forward to this little venture!

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